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Protecting trade secrets is different from protecting other IP

Protecting intellectual property should remain a priority for Alberta businesses as long as the company and/or the IP exists. This means keeping up on protection methods for these items such as patents, copyrights and more. However, when it comes to trade secrets, the protection process can be more complex.

Business law matters: Negotiating a commercial lease

For those looking to rent commercial property in Alberta, getting a good deal could make the difference in growing a successful business. Rent payments often require a large chunk of a business's budget, and working toward receiving the best possible deal is paramount. When it comes to business law matters, negotiating a commercial lease is not just a desire, but a requirement in many instances.

It helps to go into the negotiations with as thorough an understanding as possible of the budget and property requirements for the business. Too much space could end up costing money a company does not have, and too little could make the space less usable, which could prevent it from reaching its earning potential. Potential renters also need to understand that commercial property leases often include other charges on top of the base rent. Failing to account for them could be disastrous.

Avoiding claims of harassment at office holiday parties

After recent events that led to the #metoo movement, employers may be feeling unsure of how to proceed when it comes to holiday parties. Because only a small percentage of employees are responsible for the inappropriate and predatory behaviour, some Alberta business owners and managers feel it would be unfair to eliminate holiday parties altogether. Instead, they are taking a close look at their harassment policies.

One common element in many incidents of harassment at office parties is alcohol. Free-flowing alcohol can lead to a loss of inhibitions, which may lead to regrettable and even harmful actions between co-workers. Limiting the amount of alcohol attendees can consume, for example distributing tickets for drinks, can reduce the chances that the party will get out of control.

Alberta’s Whistleblower Protection Reach Expands To Investment World

In Alberta, public sector employees and political staff are afforded certain protections when it comes to disclosing unlawful matters or issues that may be harmful to the public interest. In the interest of promoting a culture where openness, honesty, and accountability are prioritized, the legislation helps ensure confidentiality, a transparent process, and a strict set of penalties if reprisals are committed.


Is Canada Home To The Next Silicon Valley?

Just say the words 'Silicon Valley' and images of tech campuses, startups, and Teslas come to mind. With publications touting Canada as the next technological hub, it's easy to get caught up in the hype.

So, are we headed in the same direction as our Californian friends? According to one industry insider, it may not be in the cards.

Cybersecurity Concerns? Consider a Cybersecurity Policy and Team

Today's business landscape looks a lot different than it did a decade ago. Employees are encouraged to work remotely, major deals can be done without meeting face-to-face, and work-related technology can fit in your pocket.

While technological leaps can mean increased productivity and profit, it may also open the door to more sinister situations. For some businesses, the solution to staying safe could lie in a hacker's hands.

The Benefits Of Mediation During Corporate Disputes

Conflict is often an unavoidable part of doing business. Successfully navigating business relationships can be difficult, often leading to minor disagreements or major disputes.

Being confronted with a corporate dispute does not necessarily mean going to court. A well-designed alternative dispute resolution may provide the tools needed to reach a favourable outcome.

Workplace Harassment Investigations: What You Should Know

Regardless of where you work, you have the right to feel safe. That’s why Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) sets out obligations and regulations that employers must follow to protect their workers.

Whether you are an employer tasked with conducting an investigation or are an employee needing guidance, having the basic information is important.

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