Estate Planning, Administration And Legal Support

Taking control of your estate requires careful planning, proper administration, and clear instructions to ensure your wishes are followed and to avoid potential problems after your passing.

At Kingsgate Legal, our lawyers provide residents of Edmonton and all of Alberta with the necessary legal support to make sure your specific end-of-life wishes are carefully documented and enforced.

Planning And Administration

Having a lawyer assist with your testamentary documents can help you ensure your intentions are followed and reduce the likelihood of conflict in the future amongst your loved ones. We apply our legal nuances to drafting a customized will suited to your needs. We will make sure your wishes regarding healthcare and finances are correctly and clearly documented for entrusted individuals, such as powers of attorney, should you become incapacitated. Other services include:

  • Guidance for estate trustee, including obtaining probate
  • Negotiation strategies for disputes
  • Legal representation for challenges to a will or disputes with entrusted individuals

Complex Corporate Details

Some clients may need more complex guidance on sensitive issues. We provide that guidance by utilizing our firm's diverse experience over and crafting solutions for more complicated estate issues, such as business ownership, share transfers and shared property, debt and assets.

We want our clients to be comfortable with the decisions they are making. We use every resource possible to help them understand the process. We're available anytime to address any questions or concerns our clients may have regarding there will, or the administration of a will.

Let Us Address Your Estate Concerns

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